Price guide

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Womens Cut & Finish

Director $78 Senior Stylist $75 Stylist $72 Academy $39

Mens Cut & Finish

Director $40 Senior Stylist $39 Stylist $38 Academy $15

1 hour Cut & Finish

Director $90 Senior Stylist $85 Stylist $80

(Recommended for new clients)

Wet or dry cut

Director $59 Senior Stylist $57 Stylist $55 Academy $32

Blow wave

Director $45 Senior Stylist $43 Stylist $40 Academy $25

Blow wave (45 mins)

Director $59 Senior Stylist $57 Stylist $55

Colour and foiling

Foils only - short half head $89

Foils only - short short head $110

Foils only - medium half head $105

Foils only - medium full head $130

Foils only - long half head $145

Foils only - long full head $170

Additional colour, toners or treatments required will incur an additional charge which your Stylist will discuss with you in your consultation.

Other services

Treatments from $35

Hair ups and sets from $79

Fringe trim $10

Fringe trim (existing clients)No charge

Other services available

(price quoted at consultation);

Packages to suit your hair needs

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

(see Packages for more information)



We accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard & Laybuy.


Micro Weft Installation

Extension deposit 50% of total price to be paid at time of booking

A cut to blend your new extensions is included

Full head (120 grams) $750

Half head (60 grams) $450


Micro Weft Maintenance

Extension re-lift with blow wave and finish

This includes removal of extensions, shampoo, scalp massage, rehydration for the ends then blow wave/re-installation of extensions $130

Extension Removal with a cut,

blow wave and finish

This includes shampoo, treatment, scalp massage, cut & blow dry and finish $120

Extension Removal with a blow

wave and finish

This includes shampoo, treatment, scalp massage, blow dry and finish (does not include a cut) $85


Extension Removal only

This includes the removal of the extensions only $50

A full consultation is completed before installation at cost of $15 which is redeemable on completion of service. There is a 50% despoit required to confirm appointment for extensions.

Online booking Policy

$50 Booking fee is non-refundable.  If you reschedule within a week of your original booking your booking fee will be transferred to this booking.  However if you cancel and do not rebook your booking fee will be held by Bella Vita Hairdressing and not refunded.

​​​​Our Cancellation Policy

Please also be mindful of our Cancellation Policy.  If you have time restraints please advise us before your selected service begins.


Cancellation Policy

Out of consideration for all our clients and stylists, a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel or re-schedule. Failure to give us sufficient notice may incur a 50% service charge.

What if I am late for my appointment?

Arriving late will unfortunately limit the time allocated to you. If you are having more than one treatment, rescheduling may be required. Please take the time to give us a quick call if you are running late.


Confirmation of your appointment

Confirmation emails or texts are sent the day before your appointment.  Please notify your stylist if you do not receive these.  If you do not reply to your confirmation your appointment time may be reallocated.


Our Patch Test Policy

Patch testing is a procedure used by our stylists before applying hair colour to the scalp. It is a simple and safe way of identifying whether the hair dye that the stylist intends to use will cause an allergic reaction with the skin.


What does it involve?

The patch test will usually be done 48 hours prior to the appointment.  The stylist will then apply a small amount of the hair dye on the skin, usually behind the ear and advise the client that it should not be washed for the next 48 hours.


What should I do if I have a reaction?

If the test produces a reaction the client’s skin then the hair dye should not be applied. You should also alert your Doctor to let them know that you have had an allergic reaction.


Thinning fine hair can be the most frustrating hair type that anyone has to deal with.  So we are pleased to be able to offer you the very best and latest hair technology called Serioxly.  We can offer you an in salon treatment then this is followed up by your take home treatment package.  It improves the resistance to breakage quite often through brushing and tying the hair too tight.   We will provide you with an in salon complete consultation.

Did you know?

We loose on average 60-100 hairs per day.  This normal so don’t panic!!

Once a full diagnosis is established we can begin our 3 step fuller hair programme.  Following your in salon service your stylist with recommend one of our at home fuller hair follow up lits and one of our beautiful super serums.  Book your treatment here.

“We want you to be uniquely beautiful”


At Bella Vita we pride ourselves on using the best possible products on your hair and scalp.  We would like like to introduce Inoa hair colour to you.  It is a supreme and top quality hair colour colour it delivers in the ultimate client comfort.

*No ammonia *No odor * Optimize scalp comfort *Creamier, smoother consistency

If offers supreme respect for the hair.

It protects the outer layer of the hair

6 weeks on intense hydration & nutrition

Hair is softer and shiner than before hair colouring

Respects the essential amino acids and lipid balance of natural hair

Uniform long lasting colour

True neutralizing cool shades, vibrant warm shades

Exceptionally even colour from scalp to ends

Perfect coverage of upto 100% whites

At has infinite hair colour power


Pure volume delivers long lasting volume by targeting oil build-up and other impurities that weigh the hair down.  It gently cleanses all the while respecting the fine hair fibres.  Replenishes and reduces breakage with Eucalyptus and wheat proteins.  It lifts the roots and thicken each strand.  If the hair is coloured it protects the colour vibrancy with its anti-fade complex.  A thorough consultation with our trained top hairdressers will ensure this product is right for you.  Zero sulphites – 100% vegan sustainability commitment

The pureology promise: long-lasting hair colour or your money back

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